Why Choose our Florida GPS Tracking?

About GPS EZ Now

Because GPS EZ Now uses real time tracking solutions. Our Florida GPS Tracking system helps business owners that maintain a fleet of vehicles:

  • Save money;
  • Run more efficiently;
  • Have peace of mind by always knowing where their vehicles are.

Our business model has been created and built by some of the most seasoned professionals in our industry, with our management and sales team representing 62 years of experience and knowledge; our support staff representing 40 plus years and our software and hardware developers/engineers representing 63 years. Being supported by a GPS tracking company touting that background makes your job easy.

Our highest rated tracking features include ease of use, alerts and automated reports. View all of our GPS Tracking Features in full detail.

Lastly, our company brand is also indicative of another one of our objectives… to build a product and software solution that is EZ, user-friendly and intuitive. GPS EZ Now is headquartered in Lutz, Florida. If you are looking for Florida GPS tracking and are ready to save money,  contact us now.